Public Speaking

One of Hosai’s greatest passions is making connections and meeting people from all backgrounds. She’s been a public speaker for over 20 years and has been blessed to meet thousands of people along the way.

She’s covered a variety of topics including women’s issues, marriage/family, youth/teen issues, education, self development, interfaith bridge building, spirituality, etc.

If you’re interested in inviting her to your event or learning more about what she does click here and let us know!


Educational Workshops

In addition to offering talks, Hosai also enjoys putting together educational workshops for teachers and students. Over the years, some of the talks she’s given have included:

Student Workshops:

1. Embracing Your Identity
2. The Friends We Keep
3. Emotional Maturity
4. The Value of Time
5. Models of Success
6. Moving Forward with Fortitude
7. Coming of Age
8. Social Media & Teens

Teacher & Parent Workshops:

1. How to Incorporate Islamic Teachings in Every Classroom
2. Language Skills
3. Holistic Teaching: Four Temperaments in Islam
4. Self Care in the Classroom
5. Discipline vs. Motivation
6. Parenting in the Age of Social Media

If you’d like to learn more about her workshops, please feel free to contact us here!



Alhamdulillah, earlier this year Hosai completed her very first children’s book titled Clear the Path: A Rhyme Book on Manners for Little Muslims. It’s great for all ages, and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! If you’re interested in learning more about the book, want to organize a reading for your school or event, or would like to order wholesale please contact:!

Hosai also enjoys writing on a variety of different topics including, but not limited to, spirituality, self-development, Islamic psychology, women’s issues, marriage, parenting, children, mental health related topics, etc. Check out her previous writings here to see her style and breadth of work and let her know if you’re interested in working with her by visiting our contact page here.


Hosai has had the great honor of working under world class editors and writers and learning from them for over 20 years. For more information please contact