A (Growing) Collection of Hosai’s Published Writings, Interviews, & Talks

1. Al-Madina Institute: Fusing Islamic Spirituality with Modern Psychology
2. SeekersHub: Collection of Writings
3. AltMuslimah: An Interview
4. NPR: Muslim Women Who Wear Hijabs Are Fearful Of Backlash After Attacks
5. Facebook Post (viral #1): Maybe 
6. Confessions of Successful Asian Women Podcast: Interview with Aliya
7. Facebook Post (viral #2): Advice for Hijabis
8. Mom.me: What We Just Don’t Get About Women in Hijab
9. MH4M: 10 Ways to Avoid Marrying the Wrong Person
10. RAD Talks: The Four Temperaments in Islam
11. Rahmah Foundation: To Know Yourself, Know Allah
12. Facebook Post (viral #3): Crayons
13. MCC: Parenting in the Age of Social Media
14. Al Jazeera: Faith in Times of Fear
15. Grand Mawlid: Speech 2014
16. MCC: Clear the Path Book Reading
17. Women’s Mosque Pre-Khutbah Bayaan: Know Yourself to Know Your Lord
18. KQED: California Muslim Women Reconsider Wearing Hijab Over Safety Concerns (fyi, misleading title)!
19. Yaqeen Institute: Behind the Veil: The Intersection of Religion, Politics, & Culture
20. Celebrate Mercy Trailer: Hope After Hardship
21. Al Madina Institute: Emotional Intelligence Personified
22. Al Madina Institute: How Self-Reliance Fosters Spiritual Contentment
There’s more to come so keep checking back! 🙂

Purification of the Heart for Adults

Purification of the Heart for Youth

Ramadan 2020