Teachers, Mentors, and People I Admire

There are so many people I feel indebted to and grateful for so trying to list them all is not an easy task, nevertheless this is my humble attempt.

Some people, like my beloved father, Hazrat Mohammad Mojaddidi, are no longer with us, and others, like my incredible mother, Aqelah Mojaddidi continues to be a great benefit but has no online presence whatsoever. By the Grace of God, the impact both of my blessed parents have had on my life are immeasurable and even if I lived multiple lifetimes I would never be able to repay them or truly express my gratitude to them. Please keep them both in your du'as.

There are of course many others, including family, friends, and intimate soulful connections who I love dearly but, for obvious reasons, cannot possibly enumerate here.

The list below is primarily of people who I not only know personally and have benefitted from over the years, but also people who have an online and public presence! Those who do not have websites to link to but must be mentioned anyway are also included.

I pray you are able to benefit from their work and efforts as much as I have. Enjoy!

Jazakum'Allahu khayran,

NameTitle & Site
Shaykh Abdallah bin BayyahHis Eminence, Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah
Shaykh Hamza YusufWorld Renowned Scholar & Founder, Zaytuna College
Imam Zaid ShakirFounder, New Islamic Directions and Co-Founder, Zaytuna College
Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-AllahChairman of the Board, Nawawi Foundation
Shaykh Abdallah Alkadi, Ph.D.Founder & Author, Orient-East
Uzma HusainiSenior Editor, Renovatio, Zaytuna College
Wazhma MojaddidiOwner, Mojaddidi Law
Dr. Nafisa SekandariDr. Nafisa Sekandari, Clinical Psychologist
Saba AliStyle By Design, Consultant
Feraidoon MojadediOwner, Rumi Bookstore & Founder, Sacred Caravan
Zeshan ZafarDirector, Global Centre Renewal Guidance
Sheikh Al-Mahfoudh Bin BayyahGlobal & Political Dignitary
Dian AlyanFounder, GiveLight Foundation
Tarek El-MessidiFounder, Celebrate Mercy
Omar ArsalaFounder & Board Member, Northstar School
Nabil AfifiCo-Founder, Tayba Foundation
Fadwa SilmiCo-Founder, The Rahmah Foundation
Homaira WasselPrincipal, Peace Terrace Academy
Imam Tahir AnwarImam & Instructor, Zaytuna College
Dr. Sherman JacksonCo-Founder, ALIM
Usama CanonFounder, Ta'leef Collective
Shaykh Yahya RhodusFounder & Scholar in Residence, Al Maqasid
Salwa AbedPrincipal, Northstar School
Shahzia RahmanOwner, Serenity Births
Hina Khan-MukhtarFounder, ILM Tree
Dr. Rania AwwadDirector, Khalil Center
Shaykh Rami NsourCo-Founder, Tayba Foundation
Mona ElgohailDirector, Muslim Fertility Project
Elizabeth Y. HansonFounder, Smart Homeschooler
Dr. Hatem BazianCo-Founder, Zaytuna College
Maha ElGenaidiCo-Founder, Islamic Networks Group
Ameena JandaliCo-Founder, Islamic Networks Group
Zahra BillooExecutive Director, CAIR-SFBA
Dr. Suzanne BarakatPhysician & Speaker
Suhaila AzizManager, Ta'leef Collective
Husna MohammadiCoordinator, Ta'leef Collective
Megan WyattFounder, Wives of Jannah
Shibli ZamanWriter & Activist
Hisham MahmoudFounder & Teacher, Mishkah
Dr. Asad TarsinAuthor, Being Muslim
Qari Amar BellahaQari & Hafiz, MCC
Shaykha Muslema PurmulCo-Founder, The Majlis
Shaykh Jamaal DiwanCo-Founder, The Majlis
Maryam AmirTeacher & Activist
Zarin AziziNutritionist & Founder, Nourished Girl
Roohe AhmedBoard Member, The Rahmah Foundation
Amnah IbrahimBlogger, Little Life of Mine
Aftab MalikFounder & Publisher, Amal Press
Aisha Grey HenryFounder & Publisher, Fons Vitae
Angie El SherifFounder & Publisher, Prolance
Wajdi SaidFounder, MET
Muhi KhwajaFounder, American Muslim Fund
Mas'ud Ahmed KhanOwner, Masud.co.uk
Khadija Annette O'ConnellFounder & Designer, Ramadan Joy